Who is Daniel Reitman?

Daniel Reitman is a lifelong entrepreneur who started his first business while in elementary school buying candy at Costco and selling it to kids on the bus.  His first venture into the business world was following his passion for working with animals.  Dan began his career working as a vet tech at a local animal hospital where he found his inspiration for starting Dan’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, a full service pet care company that has been expanded across Long Island and Connecticut with expansion plans for Brooklyn as well as franchising.  The business has grown to well over $1 Million in revenue with a client base of over 1,200. 

It was through this business that Dan met his first business partner for his tech company, SmartLine, a wait list management platform for restaurants that allowed waiting guests to make a donation to charity and skip to the front of the line.  SmartLine was launched on 4 continents and served over 2 Million guests, the company was acquired in 2016 by PaidEasy.  While building these two companies Dan also Co-Founded a non-profit organization called Hope For Hope, who’s goal was to provide children around the world with access to food, water, education and shelter, they have implemented projects in Kenya, Haiti, and Colombia to name a few places.

Through the process of building his career as an entrepreneur Dan was doing a double major in Biology and Entrepreneurship at Hofstra University where he won multiple awards for his work in the non-profit space as well as his work in the technology startup world.  His primary focus is on the digital aspect of building businesses, through the use of existing technology and years of experience he has been able to streamline the process of bootstrapping companies, taking an idea and brining it to market all while building a trust worthy brand name that his customers across the board know and love.

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